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The Mojo Makers combines both equal showmanship and technical mastering. In the short period this blues band has existed it has already toured frequently all around Europe and developed a unique live show. With at solid hard rocking rhythm section and a charismatic lead singer they have captured and amassed the audiences wherever they performed. Both because of the energy level of every concert, but also because of their musicality and skills on their instruments.

The songs of The Mojo Makers are all original, combining the sound and the inspiration from the old blues masters, mixed with a flavor of 70's soul and R&B sound. Mojo Makers push the boundaries for the genre but never so far away that you cant dance and party to the music.

"Despite the fact that blues music is the foundation of rhythmic music, critics have abandoned this genre for thirty years or more. It has long been a dry spell for blues music and its artists in the club of "Good Taste", and on the charts.

Despite the lack of recognition, blues has never been more alive than today, which seems ironic. A huge variety of good blues musicians are exploring the genre and playing the music, today more than ever.

For more than a hundred years, blues music has proved its worth as a tool and a language that people can relate to. Blues is about the very essence of life, helping us to share fundamental feelings – such as love, sex, anger and sorrow.

Now more than ever we need blues music, but there are too few places where you can let go and take a load off. In these challenging times where piles of information, decisions and work are an everyday challenge, it is good to know a place where you can pull out the plug and feel alive and connected to the fundamental values in life. The true blues musician knows that, and lives it."
Kasper Osman - Singer and guitarist, the Mojo Makers


2013 @ hypertension music

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Copenhagen might be far away from the Delta. But Mojo Makers follow you easily down to the Mississippi river.
Kristoffer Veirum- Gaffa (5 Stars)

Devils Hands is an album which is well played for shure.But in a genre which isent noted for its variety Mojo Makers has done their bit to stretch out beyond the traditional forms.

Mike Ainscore- Fetea Music Magazine

A Great Blues-Rock album with a lot of attitude from a young band from DK, which still have a great future. More of that please.


Without a doubt. The young musicians have a special position the genre blues-rock and they have with their second album paved the way to the top

Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung

Devils Hands has a weighty ethnic presence that is framed by historical context. It is full of context, oozes of soul, is essentially routed in blues and is unnecessary recommended.
Pete Feenstra- Get ready to rock

Musikken er velspillet, varieret og stemningsfuld på Mojo Makers plade Devils Hands og der er en god grund til at det danske band blev nomineret til en Danish Music Award for bedste blues udgivelse. Devils Hands er en yderst behagelig rejse tilbage i tid som vil glæde mange blues- tilhængere.
Lars Krejberg- Fyns Stiftstidende

"Singer, guitarist and songwriter Kasper Osman shows what fantastic voice he has got. He reaches from the deepest register to the highest note –and he has got soul in his voice."
Morten Nissen - at Lydtapetet

"Kasper Osman's blues vocal is powerful!! He is at the same level as other young blues rock people like Jonny Lang, Doyle Bramhall and John Mayer."
Blues News, Denmark

"To compare the Mojo Makers with Led Zeppelin and Free is perhaps big words, but that was none the less what I thought when I fist heard this band. An irresistible energy, great compositions, a supreme vocal and a way to play the guitar that leads you back to the 70'tees. Mojo Makers is at the same time modern blues rock as it should sound. Lead guitar player Kristian Hoffmann plays with feeling, temper, energy and delivers the punchlines to the audience every concert."
Rasmus Winther - Booker at the leading blues club in Denmark,
Mojo Blues bar

"Mojo Makers Plays really, really great! Kasper Osman has one of the best rock voices I have heard recently."
Head of playlist(P4) Danish National Radio- Alex Nyborg Madsen

Music moves on, the past is there as a guide and meant to be surpassed, finally a band has the absolute temerity and guts to do what so few have tried to do, to take on the specter of the music equivalent of Hamlet’s father’s ghost and the result is just superb.
Wait Till The Morning is released on the Hypertension-Music label on the 16th September.
Ian D Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Mojo Makers sind ja der Hammer!!!!
Kiel FM Radio Station

A blues and soul packed band in an excellent guitar/Hammond and drum based rock ecstatic format in its genre. Now it is church time. Mojo Makers is the toughest band I have heard in a long time! Put them on a boat to Norway now!!!!
Jhonny Andreassen, Blues News Norway

With a soulful slide-guitar and the howl from a wolf pack, the Danes begin their excellent album
Henning Richter, Classic Rock Magazine- Germany

This was all mixed together in such a way, that at this point you can compare them to The Black Keys, the Allman Brothers, and Free.
Marcel Thenee, 5 of 5 guitar-Gs- Germany

"It is lead singer Kasper Osman who steals the limelight though his raggedly and enthralling vocal, one that conjures up a comparison with Poul Rodgers.
from Free English review

Mojo Makers-"Wait til the morning" A new name to me- Denmarks Mojo Makers certainly created quite a stir with a very good cd of all original material and probably the cd artwork of the year. Ashwyn Smithe - Digital Blues-U.K.

"In der tat sprengten die fumf musikern fantasiefoll und gekonnt alle grenzen der gengres"
Zehdenick/ Live review- Sabine Slatosh




kasper   Lead singer & guitarist Kasper Osman is said to be the new upcoming name on the blues scene in DK. With a soulful and wide ranged voice he delivers an intense experience. Although born and raised in DK many compare his tone and style with black singers from the west coast blues scene.
chr   Lead guitar player Kristian Hoffmann.
At an early age he was discovered at the prestigious Mojo Blues Bar in Copenhagen. The next 10 years the young prodigy got his education as a sideman and guest musician for a wide variety of famous blues musicians in Denmark who recognized his talent and took him under their wings. A few of the blues guitar interpreters has a voice and a tone you can recognize immediately when you hear them. Kristian Hoffmann is one of them.

bast   Kristian Bast, Bass
One of the secrets behind the Mojo Makers is its solid rhythm section. Many years of experience as well as a unique approach to the blues genre makes the drums' and the bass' groove lethal on the dance floor. Mojo Makers was founded to celebrate the blues as well as 'that' rhythm in the music. Together with Morten Hæsum, Kristian Bast delivers just that.

morten   Morten Hæsum, Drums
Like Jimi Hendrix' drummer Mitch Mitchell, Morten Hæsum also has a background as a jazz drummer. In this cross field between blues and jazz he presents himself as an unpredictable and interesting musician. With a rock solid groove along with his many years as a sideman for a variety of artists, this drummer raises the bar for any rytmn section in the blues genre.

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